Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ensure Your Lawn's Safety By Selecting A Company That's Insured

Today's post is short - do not hire a lawn company that is not legit. 

I have had a few people ask me why we put 'licensed and insured' on our business cards and signage.  The answer is simple; it shows we went the extra mile to take care of ourselves and our clients.  We would love to have everyone in town as clients, but we realize that is not realistic or possible.  However, we can pass along some sage advice to as many as we can.  If you decide that hiring a lawn care company is right for you, please make sure they are insured.  This is a safety net for consumers. 

Accidents happen.  Would you, as the consumer, like to be held liable for someone else's injury on your property?  Imagine the company made a mistake or there was accidental damage done to your property. That is why business insurance is so important.  It covers everyone should the unexpected occur.