Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Garden Tools Every Garage Needs

Any cook will tell you, in a kitchen there are staples - saute pans, spatulas, good knives, a Kitchen Aid mixer.  The garage is no different.  The following are the top ten tools every gardener should own.

Trowel.  This handy gadget is a god-send for planting bulbs or small perennials.  A trowel is mainly used when kneeling on the ground while working in the garden. 

Watering Can.  Be sure to get the proper size for your specific watering needs.  Long spout, short spout.  They come in a variety of sizes.

Shovel.  There are a ton of uses for a shovel.  Okay, maybe not a ton, but you get the idea.  Big jobs, small jobs.  Never be without this tool.  From digging holes in the yard with a pointed tip shovel to killing a snake that scare the wits out of you as it slithered across the sidewalk with a flat edge shovel.  Be sure that you are comfortable handling the shovel before purchasing it and make certain that it is sturdy.

Garden Hand Fork.  This one is our daughter's favorite.  She likes to spread the dirt around with it.  This tool has prongs used to dig, spread, raise, etc.  I use it to lift up roots that are difficult to pull with your hands.

Basket/Bucket.  Take the basket around with you while you are weeding or pruning and it cuts down on clean up time.  Tossing the debris in the basket as you go is a huge help!  You can also use it to store your garden tools or carry them around.

Garden Pruner.  Do you ever have a random piece that sticks out from a hedge or bush?  Garden pruners are perfect for these small jobs.  Like the shovel, you want to make sure you purchase one you are comfortable with.

Shears.  These are great for cutting flowers to make a fresh bouquet in the house or to snip some herbs for a delicious dinner.

Soaker Hose.  Sprinklers are for watering the entire lawn.  A soaker hose is specifically for the garden.  This hose has little holes in it which provide sprays of water to all of the delicate items in the garden.  Instead of the water being dispersed on the top of the plant, it is delivered directly on the ground at root level.

Wheelbarrow.  I recently planted hydrangeas in our front flower bed and spread mulch around each plant.  I could have never done this without the wheelbarrow.  My advice is to avoid going cheap on this item.  You get what you pay for and you do not want a breakdown while trying to haul a heavy load.

Rake.  People who live up north and actually have four seasons know that this is an essential player in the lawn maintenance world.  Nostalgia kicks in a you can see kids making large piles of leaves and jumping in feet first.  This is all thanks to the rake.  Also another item to check out before leaving Home Depot (or your favorite lawn/garden store).  Check the handle's length and how the rake feels as it hits the ground.  I cannot tell you how many flimsy rakes we have thrown out because they were useless.